SKOLITO is India’s leading integrated glass solutions company that caters to the Auto and Architectural segment. We at Skolito Windows, are the windows manufacturing arm of Skolito, and stand as the fastest growing uPVC doors and uPVC windows manufacturer in India. Our product catalog marks the foremost technology for acoustic (sound proof), thermal (heat) and all-weather insulation for windows & doors that offer a serene experience. We deliver exceptional quality products with comprehensive services offering end-to- end solutions right from consultation to glass and frame selection, and easy, hassle-free installation at your convenience. Our manufacturing division is structured to create double glazed doors and windows for the perfect visual impression and functionality. The glass at Skolito Windows is tantamount to safety, efficacy and reliability. Customer satisfaction is our aim, and we hope to achieve it every step of the way.The glass at Skolito Windows is tantamount to safety, efficacy and reliability. Customer satisfaction is our aim, and we hope to achieve it every step of the way. Skolito is built on the foundation of quality and customer service excellence.




A team of technicians will visit your home to obtain details pertaining to your needs, requirements, and possible design. This is done by measuring the windows and finding out the amount of glass that is needed.our precision of your `{`product is acctording to you.



Your requirements will be given attention, and our technician will aid you in selecting the type of glass, windows and frames that would be perfectly suited for your home. With a number of variants that suit all of your needs, the technician picks out the ideal match for your window.



After the type of glass is decided, it is installed by our professionals and you can be kick back and relax while the process is done. Skolito utilises quick and efficient methods for your installation that speeds up the process and also ensures a long lasting glass for your windows and then installation according to you.



Skolito have many year experiance in this field and our product more effective and full fill with quality.our customer full satisfied with our work and we will continue to do more best work for you.



Visiting Site

We know how exciting it is to visit your construction site while your new upvc window and door is being built! At The Skolito Company we encourage you to regularly visit,and define our demand for our window and door.

Designing The Best

Creating window and door designs has never been easier, and amendments are no longer tiresome. This allows you to provide your customers with quotes, faster than before and increase your productivity.,and give you full satisfaction.

Giving Advice To Customers

We give advice about windows, doors and curtain walling in either aluminium or PVCu for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Because we work closely with architects, we understand how important

Manufacturing The Need

U-PVC Window making machines used to be very expensive and required factory set-ups to manufacture the windows. But now with our new range of portable machines, products can be manufactured at site as well as factory as the weight of the welding machines are very light.


uPVC windows and doors have extremely low maintenance requirements, however, in order to protect your installation and achieve consistent performance it is necessary to fully understand the operation of the various products and the periodic attention necessary.


Skolito experience logistics experts are to develop the best solution for you.we give best logistic and our upvc window and door .we give full satisfaction to our customer .we design upvc window and door according to customer.and installation of window ,we provide this to you.

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Listen better Plan better Build better.

Skolito ensures that when opting for the customer support, the customers never have to feel hassle by keeping the entire customer service procedures transparent, hassle-free and prompt. Resolving the issues or queries quickly and flawlessly to maintain a strong bond with our customers is the ultimate objective of our as well as our customer service team.