When opting for Skolito uPVC doors and windows, for your home, choosing the right type of window plays a crucial role. Keeping in mind, the different concerns and expectations of our customers such as energy efficiency, sound insulation needs, insulation requirements, and safety needs, Skolito offers a mirage of glass options to choose from.

Following are the various glass options our customers can choose from at Skolito:

  • Float Glass

Float glass is one of the most commonly used glass. It gets its name from the very modern process in which this kind of glass is created. This is the very first form of glass to be made.

  • Annealed Glass

The word ‘annealing’ refers to a process where a hot glass is slowly cooled in a controlled way after being made. This process helps in releasing the internal residual stresses during the manufacturing process. Annealed glass is a type of float glass and breaks into large sharp pieces when broken.

  • Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is nothing but a kind of float glass with a metallic coating that makes it extremely effective in cutting off solar radiation. Providing a one-way mirror effect, the metallic coating on this glass makes it ideal for preventing visibility from the outside. Reflective glass is found to be more effective in thermal insulation as well as reflecting solar radiation than tinted glass.

  • Tinted Glass

As the name suggests, this glass is pigmented, which makes it very effective in blocking daylight and absorbing solar heat. Coming in a variety of colors to choose from, this glass is ideal for saving energy and keep the indoors protected from solar radiation. Tinted glass also helps in increasing visual privacy.

  • Shatter Proof or Laminated Glass

This type of glass is a kind of safety glass that holds itself together when broken. As a result of the lamination of two glass sheets of any of the above types, along with resin or PVB plastic, shatter-proof laminated glass is made. The process of lamination or sandwiching makes the glass stronger and less prone to breakage.

  • Toughened or Tempered Glass

Often referred to as a kind of safety glass, this particular type of glass is toughened under high temperature which makes it stronger than normal glass such as float glass. This glass shatters into small granular pieces when broken as turn brittle due to heating.