The very first step of our pre-order process is to set up a meeting at the location where the installation will take place once you contact our sales executive for ordering Skolito uPVC doors and windows. In order to determine the exact requirements of hardware, glass, design, and finish, a detailed discussion takes place consisting of drawings and illustrations. Once the interaction is done, and our executives examine the designs thoroughly, the client/customer is given a quote. In case any modifications are made in the designs, a fresh quote is given accordingly.

Once the forwarded designs are approved and confirmed by the client/customer, our installation supervisor visit the installation site with the necessary diagrammatic representations and floor plans. Once our supervisor thoroughly all the apertures and verifies the designs and measurements accordingly, the final measurements are forwarded to our designing team.

In case any modifications of any type are deemed necessary by the designing team, they inform the customer. In case the new modifications are incorporated, a fresh and final quotation is sent to the customer over for final approval. After the customer gives the final approval, the installation process begins keeping in mind the aesthetic appeal as well as the performance.


Skolito doesn’t only cater to the customers with top class high standard uPVC doors and windows but also offers quality installation service as well. Without proper installation, we believe that our customers won’t be able to enjoy the real qualities of eth uPVC doors and windows.

Offering our assistance at every step of their experience with Skolito, we ensure that our products are installed by experienced and expert staff so that the products can serve their purpose best. For a satisfying and excellent Skolito uPVC doors and windows installation process, first, it is our installation supervisor who visits the installation site and checks whether there is any civil or masonry work is still left or not.

Once he confirms that the site is ready to work and free from any factors that can create an obstruction in the installation work, our team of experienced technicians executes the installation perfectly. After the installation, they ensure that there is no gap or space left between the frames and the wall. If any gap is found, it is caulked with quality silicone sealant material.

Each and every step in the installation process is performed with utmost attention and care, that include washing and cleaning eth fillings, tidying up the interface between the walls and the windows, leveling up every corners and joints etc. Throughout the installation process, our technicians practice care and caution so that no damage of any kind occurs to the customers” property or the fragile materials required or used for the installation process.

Customer Support

Skolito never believed in just selling a product to a customer, but establishing a lasting relationship of trust and reliability with our customers. And it is our customer service and support team that has been successful in materializing this motto of ours. Along with producing and providing our customers with the best quality uPVC doors and windows, we offer personalized customer service to each and every customer of ours.

Once the thoroughly checked and meticulously performed installation process is done, our customer service is always available to the customers if they face any with eth products. Our customer service team is always ready to resolve customer queries or post-installation issues if there’s any.

Within a maximum timeframe of 48 hours, our expert team of technicians responds to each and every technical issues that are reported, no matter how minimal they are. From jammed locks to operating issues, from poor functioning to any other technical problems, our team of technicians attends to every problem on an urgent basis.

In case any kind of replacement or realignment is required, our technical support team ensures to resolve it within maximum 72 hours. In case, the replacement part is not available for the present moment, we keep our customers updated about the expected time of availability and perform the replacement immediately once that particular part is available again. For glass pane breakage related issues, it takes a minimum of 12 days to get the glass delivered.

Skolito ensures that when opting for the customer support, the customers never have to feel hassle by keeping the entire customer service procedures transparent, hassle-free and prompt. Resolving the issues or queries quickly and flawlessly to maintain a strong bond with our customers is the ultimate objective of our as well as our customer service team.