Modern designing and versatility are the two driving forces behind the growing popularity of tilt and turn windows. With Skolito’s tilt and turn widows now being available, opening or closing a window has become easier and smoother than ever. A perfect choice for any modern home, our tilt and turn windows are energy efficient as well as offers the required ventilation with a single turning of tilt handle.

Whether it’s a commercial place or a residential one, Skolito’s tilt and turn windows can be used anywhere to give that place a whole new style statement. Selecting the preferred glass from our wide array of glass options can turn any workspace or home into a safe, noise-free and energy efficient one. Minimal maintenance requirement is an added advantage of our tilt and turns windows along with their stylish look and smooth finish.


  • They are super easy to use as well as clean
  • They are an economical choice
  • Takes perfect care of safety
  • Available in various shades or hues