uPVC proves to be one of the most reliable and widely chosen materials for homeowners these days. To know why more and more people are opting for uPVC windows and doors, take a look at the major reasons here:

  • Low Maintenance

uPVC doors and windows require limited or minimal maintenance. With uPVC windows and doors, you can say goodbye to high maintenance cost and regular painting.

  • Cost Effective

uPVC doors and windows turn out to be extremely cost-effective and economical choice, Compared to wooden or aluminum doors and windows. It is their longevity and minimal maintenance requirements that make them an affordable option compared to other materials.

  • Easily Customizable

uPVC doors and windows come in completely customized designs when it comes to getting windows and doors of desired as per one’s personal preferences and requirements.

  • Eco-friendly

uPVC doors and windows are eco-friendly, which is certainly one of the biggest reasons for many to opt for them. Unlike other materials, they can be reused and recycled which makes them an ideal choice for preventing deforestation also.

  • Noise Proof

uPVC doors and windows come with high-level insulation properties against noise. Windows and doors made with uPVC ensure that the outside noise and chaos never interfere with the environment inside the house or a building. Helping to maintain maximum privacy, the highly acoustic uPVC doors and windows act as a strong barrier between the indoors and outside noise while helping in restricting the indoor sound inside the house.

  • Extreme Durability

uPVC doors and windows offer extreme durability over other materials. Not only that the uPVC material stays the same for years, but also offer excellent performance for the longest of periods. Delivering aesthetic look to the structure, uPVC doors and windows are stronger than traditional materials like wooden, aluminium or normal PVC doors and windows.

  • Thermal Insulation

uPVC doors and windows do show great thermal performance. While in hot summer days they keep the indoors cool by preventing heat gain, in cold winter days they ensure the indoors stay warm by resisting heat loss.

  • Weather Resistant

uPVC doors and windows stay unaffected in almost every kind of weather conditions. Showing great resistant power against water, sunlight, air, storm, uPVC doors, and windows stay strong for years even under the most terrible weather conditions.

  • Wind Resistant

uPVC doors and windows have great wind resistance power. No matter how strong the wind pressure is, the doors and windows made with uPVC never get affected. Rather, they make the best windows and doors for coastal areas which are prone to experiencing heavy rainfalls and strong winds every now and then.

  • Water Resistant

uPVC doors and windows show excellent water tightness properties which ensure maximum water resistance and zero water filing inside the joints.

  • Fire Resistant

uPVC doors and windows do not fire combustion in cases of fire accidents of any kind, which make them superior to timber doors and windows. These doors and windows are completely fire resistant and are made with compounds that are fire retardant.

  • Termite Resistant

Unlike wood or timber which are often infested by termites in certain climates, uPVC doors and windows are completely termite resistant. Being made with a compound technology that is scientifically developed, uPVC stays immune to any kind of pest infestation.

  • Corrosion Proof

uPVC doors and windows are completely resistant to corrosion. Also resistant to salt erosion, they never rot and stay the same for years, lasting longer for any other traditional window or door materials.