Casements windows refer to windows that are attached to the frames with hinges. Though these windows are of classic design, with Skolito’s modern approach and style experiments, they are nothing less than an epitome of aesthetic beauty and perfection, when it comes to enhancing the look of a home or workspace.

Skolito’s casement windows have a number of advantages to offer over traditional aluminium and wooden windows. Not only that they are maintenance free, but they are also easy to use, easy to install, stylish, and economical. Coming in a wide variety of designs, and types, Skolito’s casement windows are weather resistant, durable, noise-proof, water-resistant, fire resistant and of a flawless finish.


  1. Tremendously energy efficient
  2. Ensures maximum safety as difficult to break
  3. Comes in various colors and designs
  4. Offers wide view of surroundings
  5. Ideal for both residential and commercial buildings

There are different types of casement windows and Skolito ensures that the customers get the type of uPVC casement windows they want. Some of the casement window types that Skolito offers are:

Fixed Windows

  • Ideal for areas with dry weather conditions
  • Offers a clear view and continuous light
  • Strongly recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, air-conditioned living rooms and bedrooms
  • Also ideal for landing areas, huge living areas, centrally air-conditioned office buildings
  • Ensures noise free and pollution free indoors


French Windows

  • Offers great flexibility
  • Looks visually appealing
  • Offers aesthetic look to both exterior and interior
  • Comes in various patterns, e.g. wood exterior, grille pattern, etc.


Top Hung Windows

  • Offers full open sky view
  • Lets in abundant of sunlight
  • Ideal for structures with tapered roofs
  • Suits both residential and commercial structures
  • Ensures great ventilation